Trade Fair

MSME International Trade Fair is a great platform for micro, small and medium enterprises to exhibit their products, attract customers and boost their business through increased sales. It also is a great initiative to aid State in its attempt to encourage “ Make in India” and improve employment opportunities. This leads to a healthy competition among all MSMEs to strive for the best in the dynamic economic situations. The Fair creates an ideal platform for B2B, B2C and B2G interactions. Prime participated in the Odisha state organised MSME International Trade Fair in the year 2018. We have been honoured with certificate for our active participation, while we received Certificate of Excellence in “Small Enterprise Category”

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In this time of economic recession, most of the big companies in all sectors and sub-sectors of the market, are facing troubles with overrun costs and losses in their projects despite high quality products. Thus looking into the new generations’ management,PRIME AGRO FOOD PROCESSING PRIVATE LIMITED has started adopting new ways to produce their product considering the following lean technique which aims in Cost reduction, High quality products, Waste elimination, Improving customer’s satisfaction(Quality).

Safety Award Handing Safety Award

Safety First

Workplace safety is one of the most important facet of industrial occupation. Safety ensures enhanced business, as safe environment encourages the employees to stay consistent with their work, while having a relaxed state of mind, which in turn increases cost-effectiveness of the production process. Prime has always prioritized safety in workplace and hence it has been the proud receiver of State Safety Awards and Certificate in 2017 by Government of Odisha, for having the longest accident free period. Shri Sushant Singh, esteemed Minister of Labour and Employee’s State Insurance Department honored our respectable Managing Director, Mr. Sandip Guha Roy with this very prestigious award at the Odisha State Safety Conclave

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Esteemed MD and Founder of "Prime Agro Food Processing Pvt. Ltd." Company, Mr. Sandip Guha Roy has been awarded on 2nd October as the "Top 20 Inspirational People from Odisha" by the "Interview times". He was also featured in the "Entrepreneur Section" of the Interview Times magazine.

Mr. Sandip Guha Roy, popularly known as ‘dada', has been mentioned as a sensible entrepreneur who sensed the skyrocketing need for sauce during the early 20s seizing the opportunity with Prime Sauce and committed vision to provide the real taste of foods. He was asked by the interviewer about the reason behind his success, to which he smilingly replied that his unwavering perseverance is the reason which brings him this far. His unfathomable dedication to be a better entrepreneur is his driving force, and he pursues this motto without any compromise.

Prime is indeed blessed to have such an indefatigable leader and pioneer for all those who aspire to strive forward to be a finer entrepreneur. Being an exemplary businessperson and a kind-hearted human, Mr. Sandip Guha Roy sets a robust paradigm of outstanding leadership and management in the world of modern entrepreneurship.